Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chasing Dreams and Coincidences That Knock You Off Your Feet...

Hello guys! I thought I would relax and cultivate my blog a little by letting my readers in on some pretty interesting stories from my own life.

I love a good coincidence, and fortunately, my life has no shortage of them. Have you ever had a coincidence that knocked you off your feet? The kind of event that makes you think..."There is absolutely, no way, that that just happened!".

A few weeks ago I was sitting upstate, eating lunch with my grandparents on their porch. It is around 4 PM in the afternoon. I get a phone call and its from my college buddy, Alex. The purpose of his call was to talk to me about computers, and in particular, anti-virus software. He tells me that there is something wrong with his computer, and he wants to know if its hardware or software related, and thinks that it may be a virus. I recommend him an anti-virus program, and then we chat about how our summer is going.

The very next day, I'm around my grandparents' porch, about to get my swim-trunks off of the clothes hanger, because I wanted to go to the pool. Its around 4 PM in the afternoon. I get a phone call, and its my cousin's grandfather, whose name is lova, calling me from Los Angeles, California. The time there, is around 1 PM. I say 'hi, hows it going?', and then he lays it down for me.

What do you think he is calling about? Computer problems. But not just computer problems...anti-virus software problems. He tells me that he is getting this pop up that is telling him that he might have a virus (it was one of those ads that get you to buy their software to scan your computer), so I give him the exact same advice that I gave my friend Alex. Yea. That. Just. Happened.

Same time. Same place (from my end, anyway). Same question. Same answer. 

My reaction? As soon as I heard Lova ask about anti-virus software, I dropped on my knees and held my head in my hands in sheer disbelief. Maybe its an overreaction, but these coincidences happen to me quite often. Besides, most people who hear this story also drop their jaws in amazement.

Moving on then, lets talk about dreams. They say dreams can predict the future. Abraham Lincoln had a dream two weeks before he died. In it, he is standing inside the white house and looking at a coffin. He asks someone, 'who is in the coffin?' The reply is "The president of the United States". He paid no attention to the dream and two weeks later, he was assassinated.

So, have you ever had a dream that has come true? Have your dreams predicted the future in anyway?

Originally, I thought about sharing a couple of dreams in one blog post, but I think I will share these stories one by one over time. The main reason is because I want to make these posts easy on the eyes.

Anyway, I'd like to tell you about a dream of mine. I think you'll enjoy this.

A few nights ago, I had a dream and in it I am sitting across a desk. It is a mahogany colored desk, and behind it is a middle-aged man, who has a grey beard, grey hair. I am sitting in his office, and I am going through the classes I have left to take at my college and I am building a schedule for the next (and final) semester. I am going down a list and writing down classes on a piece of paper. The emotions in this dream are nervousness, but the dream ends in relaxation. As I am going down this list, I get nervous and think that I am missing a class or two. I start to panic, but then I look at my record and realize that I have already registered for this class for the next semester, and that the problem is taken care of. I sigh in relief and the dream ends.

A few months ago, back in April, I went to a personal advisor at my college. This is a general advisor who is supposed to give you advice on what classes to take, etc. The subject I came to visit him about was graduation requirements, since like I said, I am going to graduate next semester. He tells me that I'm basically all set for graduation, but there was some caveat in that I satisfied a requirement but it wasn't showing up on my record. I knew I needed to visit the computer science department at my college to get it straightened out. Unfortunately events in my life during this time period had put me in a situation where I could not find the time to do this, until the last week of July.

Last Monday (July 29th), I decide that its finally time to settle this issue. I head over to the computer science department at my college. I walk into the room, and I tell the receptionist about my problem. She tells me that I'm in luck, and that the head of the department has office hours right now. She shows me the waiting room, and in about 5 minutes I'm in this man's office.

There is a desk. The desk is mahogany colored. The man is a middle-aged fellow, he has a grey beard, and grey hair. 

I explain to him my situation. I tell him that I seem to have satisfied a class requirement but its not showing up on my record. He tells me that the degree progress system at my college is completely broken and entirely unreliable. Then he proceeds to ask me if I had filed for graduation yet. I told him no, because I did not see that it would be necessary to do it as soon as possible, since I was following the advice of my advisor. He tells me that I need to file right now, because they will tell me exactly what courses I need to take. He tells me that I should have filed back in the Spring, because this process can take a long time. He also gives me the option of helping me by looking through my record and telling me specifically if I am ready for graduation or not.

I leave his office and go file for graduation. I ask the clerk how long the process usually takes. The process takes a few months. Great. That sucks. I need to graduate in the fall, and I need to know what requirements I have not met NOW, not in the beginning of the fall semester when it is too late to register. 

The head of the computer science department offered me the option to help me look through my record and tell me exactly what I have not satisfied yet. 

In the dream, I am sitting in the man's office, looking through my record. 

I had this dream on the night of July 28th. The events occurred on the next day on July 29th. I rescheduled an appointment with this person on August 1st to look through my record (that is tomorrow). The dream accurately predicted my future, or a potential future - if I want to graduate in the fall.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this brief look into some of the events surrounding my life. I hope to share more with you soon!

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